We actually spend most of our time on our mattress. The question is, when was the last time you’ve deep cleaned your mattress? Probably, the seldom-used sofa in your living room receives vacuum cleaning more often compared to your trusty mattress. This might be the right time to change that habit. Aside from promoting a more productive and pleasant sleep at night, a properly cleaned mattress can also last longer and it may even help prevent nasty and costly pest infestations, which can also lead to serious health diseases.  


Back when most mattresses can be flipped over, the traditional method was that you must flip it at least twice a year, as well as take that opportunity in order to clean it. However, nowadays, a lot of mattresses such as the pillow top types, cannot be turned since they have a proper bottom and top. However, cleaning your mattress at least 2 times a year can certainly help it remain clean and free from pest infestation.   

In addition to that, you should also consider checking the label of the mattress for instructions since most manufacturer of mattresses has made recommendations like rotating your mattress head to foot in order to make sure that it receives an even wear.  

Below, you’ll be able to learn how to clean your mattress properly.  

Step 1  

You can start the cleaning process of your mattress through stripping the sheets as well as bedding and throwing all these items in the washing machine. In order to remove stubborn stains, you can always use a safe and effective laundry detergent as well as a hot water setting on your washer. You can also dry on high heat in order to zap any thriving critters.  

Step 2  

After that, vacuum the entire surface of your mattress using an upholstery attachment that comes with your vacuum cleaner. This time, you should pay attention to crevices and seams, where dust, dirt, dead skin, as well as other small particles, tend to collect, switching to the crevice attachment of your vacuum can also help in getting deeply to the surface of your mattress, thus, giving your mattress a much deeper clean.  

Furthermore, experts have found in their tests that a regular vacuum cleaner can provide capable cleaning. However, if you want to be much faster when it comes to cleaning your mattress, then you can consider investing in a vacuum that is designed specifically for cleaning a mattress.  

Step 3  

Once you are done vacuuming your mattress, you can also check for stains as well as get rid of them using an appropriate cleaner. You can use a pet odor remover that is enzyme-based and an upholstery cleaner that can do that task on many bodily fluids. In addition to that, you can also use a basic solution of one cup of warm water as well as one teaspoon mild detergent used for washing the dishes. 

Try following these steps and you’ll certainly have a clean and healthy mattress. If you want to know more about mattresses, visit https://mattressexpertssc.com/.